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OpenStack nova API start error

Could not bind to address all ready in use
OpenStack-nova-api doesn't start, this error is from the services boot priority in many times.
$ service openstack-nova-api start
2015-03-03 15:05:06.402 3313 ERROR nova.wsgi [-] Could not bind to
2015-03-03 15:05:06.402 3313 CRITICAL nova [-] error: [Errno 98] Address already in use
$ service openstack-nova-api status
openstack-nova-api dead but pid file exists\*
This Error happens because openstack-nova-api and openstack-nova-metadata-api use the same ports. You can start nova-api stopping metadata-api service and starting nova-api before, then start again metadata-api service.
$ service openstack-nova-metadata-api stop
$ service openstack-nova-api start
$ service openstack-nova-metadata-api
This should fix your issue. After this you can set up boot order to this processes
update-rc.d openstack-nova-api defaults [order]
If openstack-nova-metadata-api got an order boot of S90 openstack-nova-metadata-api, you should use update-rc to set nova-api start before nova-metadata-api
update-rc.d openstack-nova-api defaults 90
This will set the priority of nova-api with the priority of nova-metadata-api, wich means that nova-api will run before metadata-api.