Welcome to egonzalez blog
My name is Eduardo Gonzalez, also know as egonzalez in OpenStack and NFV communities and xNaaro in hacking groups.
I'm a passionate Open Source advocate who has been independently contributing to OpenStack for over 4 years, served as Project Team Lead (PTL) in OpenStack Kolla project and still being a core reviewer. Also I've contributed to many other Open Source projects related to NFV, Python, Ansible, security tools, etc.
My main specializations are:
    Containerize OpenStack services
    Python Software Development
    SDN, NFV and Edge integration and deployment
    Infrastructure as Code (primarily Ansible)
    Docker and k8s
    Design and implement complex upgrade procedures
Recently I've been pushing hard to increase my skills about hacking, pentesting and bug bounty.
    I like do code reviews
    I like do mentoring
    I like innovate and learn new things, routine is boring
    Try harder as rule
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